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Embroidery on canvas




46 cm x 36 cm


Signed on the back

Proof(s) of authenticity

Certificate of authenticity issued by Vangart and signed by the artist. The purchase of this work also gives the right to obtain a NFT certification.

State of conservation

Very good




Lyon, France


"Infinity Gold Edition" is an embroidered work on a canvas stretched on a frame. Limited edition of only 5 pieces.

This embroidery art was designed by Vangart. It is sold in a black satin finish American case. The signature of the artist is embroidered. The numbering and the handwritten signature are on the back.

Dimensions out of frame : 40 x 30 cm - Dimensions with frame : 46 x 36 cm.

About Vangart
Vangart is the perfect alliance between artistic creation and embroidery. Each collaboration is the result of a reflection with the artist on the choice of materials and colors to be used in order to faithfully transcribe his intentions. Each embroidered work represents several hours of work and hundreds of thousands of stitches which makes it totally unique.

Vangart collaborates with international artists to create limited edition embroidered works. Each work is numbered and delivered with a certificate of authenticity and signed by the artist.

Delivery fee of 10 € for France. For other destinations, do not hesitate to contact us.


Atelier Vangart in Lyon, France

The artist


Helio Bray

Famous artistFamous artist
Born in 1984


Helio, better known as "Bray" had never seen graffiti before he painted on a wall for the first time. The reason for this is that he had always lived away from urban areas in Portugal.

Helio Bray developed his own form of artistic expression. He started with graffiti, which he ventured into at the beginning of his career as an artist. The alchemy, empathy and technical material necessary for the practice of this art runs in his veins and we can say that painting and the expression of feelings and emotions are definitely part of him. He has gone through several stages and styles in graffiti, mixing several techniques over the years.

Bray has partnerships with brands like Adidas, Vans, DC Shoe, and Quiksilver.

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