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With Art Shortlist, sell an artwork is simple and secure

Your advantages to sell on Art Shortlist

A team of experts at your disposal

Sell ​​your artwork from your home

Estimate and uploading are free

We determine together the selling price

Find a new owner for your artwork in complete confidentiality

We formalize the sale and organize the artwork's departure

Individuals, collectors, artists or professionals ?
Art Shortlist is your trusted solution

Alow commission rate


Art Shortlist is paid only if your artwork is sold.
By entrusting us with the sale, you and the buyer are subject to the same commission rate of 15% (excluding VAT) of the sale price.


  1. 1Request of artwork registration

  2. 2Sale of your artwork

    • Once the artwork is analyzed and appraised, we will submit you its estimate and we will agree on a sale price.
    • To highlight your artwork, we will write a detailed report including information about the artist and the artwork. In addition, we have the ability to capture high-definition visuals.
    • Your artwork will be uploaded on artshortlist.com and buyers will be able to make purchase offers.
  3. 3Negotiation with buyers

    • As soon as a buyer makes a proposal, Art Shortlist will notify you without revealing your identity neither that of the potential buyer.
    • You will exchange through us with the potential buyer until an agreement on the price and conditions of the sale.
  4. 4Payment & delivery

    • Once the agreement is found, Art Shortlist will concretize the sale by sending you an electronic confirmation, you will only have to sign it to confirm the sale.
    • Afterwards, Art Shortlist will arrange the payment with the buyer. He will make a payment that will be withheld on a secure bank account until he receives the artwork. This process allows Art Shortlist to benefit from its 15% commission.
    • For the artwork delivery, it will be done in person or through a carrier, it will be up to the buyer to choose !

Our team is at your disposal to help you to sell your artworks at the best price.

Visit our Seller FAQ or contact-us directly if you have any questions.