The Art Shortlist team

Art Shortlist is a digital platform for art buyers and sellers from all over the world. Our trusted solution is perfectly adapted to the requirements of the art world.

We have a showroom in Paris to show our customers most of the artworks proposed on the platform.

Our team is composed of experts in art, finance and art market law. Art Shortlist is a new way to buy and sell art, while avoiding the excessive commission rates that most existing players impose. With us, you buy and sell art at a fair price.

Our team members

de Watrigant
Founder & Art expert
« The details make perfection and perfection is not a detail. » Leonardo da Vinci

Promotion major at IESA Paris, Thibault is since his childhood, immersed in the art world. His mother passed on this passion for art to him. She was president of les Amis de Paul-César Helleu, a French impressionist painter.

In addition, Thibault had experiences in recognized companies in the art market: la Galerie de Bayser and major auction houses. He helped launch several art and retail websites within Arteum Services.
Thibault also worked on Helleu's digital catalog raisonné. In terms of financial management, he carried out assignments with a wealth manager in Switzerland.

Within Art Shortlist, Thibault is responsible for appraisal-expertise missions and ensures customer follow-up on technical, logistical and digital aspects.

Chief financial officer
« Do not wait to be perfect to start something good. » Abbé Pierre

After a great career in major Swiss banking institutions, Roland created RG Conseil in 2011. This company based in Lausanne has a financial advisory business.

In parallel, he runs the publishing house « Les Trois Crayons » specializing in art.

In the Art Shortlist team, Roland is in charge of financial management and all transactions between buyers and sellers. His experience in the banking sector guarantees our clients perfect efficiency and total security in payment management.

General secretary of the strategic committee
«Extreme complication is the opposite of art. It is necessary that the beauty is sensitive, that it gives us an immediate jouissance, that it imposes itself or insinuates in us without that we do not have any effort to make to seize it. » Claude Debussy

Paulette Toulze is the direct collaborator of Patrick de Watrigant in its legal activities. In the past, she was part of an editorial team for « la Lettre de Nodula » which published a monthly newsletter about the artistic creation law.

In the Art Shortlist team, Paulette covers all administrative aspects. Her experience in the field of art market law and artistic creation is an asset for our clients who can benefit from advice on these topics.

de Watrigant
Legal advisor of the strategic committee
« What really makes sense in art is joy. You do not have to understand. What you see makes you happy. Everything is here. » Brancusi

Doctor in law, lawyer at the Paris Court of Appeal, Patrick heads the law firm Watrigant & Associés. He specializes in the field of business law and art law. He is the author of a number of law books including : Dictionnaire commercial aux éditions La Villeguerin, l’Avocat en poche aux éditions Dablanc.

Patrick also collaborated on the production of Paul-César Helleu's catalog raisonné digital and he even chairs the association of this impressionist artist.

Within Art Shortlist, he is responsible for all legal issues including the contractual aspect between sellers and buyers.

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