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Born in 1974


FenX, with its evocative pronunciation of "phoenix", is an urban artist born in 1974 in the heart of the Hauts-de-Seine region not far from Paris.

From his early teens, FenX was passionately immersed in the effervescent world of street art, exploring the worlds of graffiti, hip-hop and skateboarding. It was in 1995 that he found his pseudonym: FenX, a powerful symbol of his artistic commitment.

Driven by an intrinsic rebelliousness, the artist took up graffiti to challenge the limits imposed. Inspired by 1980s culture, imbued with manga, superheroes and comic books, FenX gradually moved away from the urban space to devote himself primarily to artistic expression on canvas, a medium that enables him to perpetuate his creations and offer them to collectors.

Emblematic figures of contemporary art such as Roy Lichtenstein, And Warhol and the compositions of John Crash Matos exert a particular fascination on the French artist. He boldly revisits the masterpieces of the Pop Art movement, infusing his paintings with an urban energy. FenX integrates elements of reflection on society through hidden phrases, subtle drawings and evocative titles that punctuate his creations.

FenX's captivating works are renowned both nationally and internationally, with exhibitions in France and around the world, from the USA to Singapore, from Holland to Hong Kong and Oslo. Art Shortlist is proud to present FenX's unique artistic universe, where each composition transcends borders to provoke profound reflection on our world.


Famous artistFenX

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