Artwork information




Spray paint on wood, palisade




160 cm x 120 cm


Signed lower right

Proof(s) of authenticity

Sold with a certificate of authenticity issued by Martine Ehmer Gallery.

State of conservation

Very good




Jodoigne, Belgium


Beautiful work by Jef Aérosol painted in 2016. This painting pays tribute to the city of Brussels.

Signed and dated lower right.


Belgian private collection. Purchased from Martine Ehmer Gallery in Brussels in 2020.

The artist


Jef Aérosol

Famous artistFamous artist
Born in 1957


Jef Aerosol is a French urban artist widely recognized for his major role in the development of street art in Europe. Born in 1957 in Nantes, France, Jef Aerosol began his artistic career in the 1980s, when graffiti and street art were beginning to emerge as innovative forms of artistic expression.

Dubbed France's "stencil pioneer", Jef Aerosol quickly adopted the technique as a means of artistic expression, using stencils to create striking, iconic works on the streets of Paris and other European cities. His distinctive style is characterized by black-and-white portraits of iconic figures, often famous personalities or the anonymous, capturing the essence of humanity and society.

Over the years, Jef Aerosol has gained international recognition, becoming one of the most respected and influential street art artists. His art has been exhibited in numerous galleries around the world, giving wider visibility to his work. His works have also been acquired by collectors and are included in private and public collections.

Jef Aerosol is a committed artist whose work often reflects social and political messages. His works evoke nostalgia, rebellion and the expression of individuality in an ever-changing world. Her stencils, characterized by meticulous attention to detail and skillful use of color layering, create a powerful visual aesthetic that draws viewers' attention.

In addition to his artistic practice, Jef Aerosol is also a passionate musician. He has played in several rock bands and draws inspiration from music in his creative process, creating a harmonious link between visual and sound art.

With his major contribution to the evolution of street art, Jef Aerosol has left an indelible mark on the contemporary artistic landscape. His work continues to inspire young artists and captivate audiences with its unique combination of technique, style and message.