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15 cm x 21 cm



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Rhône-Alpes, France


Limited edition of 400. Set of 11 vinyl stickers.

Based on artist Invader's tile mosaic art that he installed on the walls of the Veggietown neighborhood in Paris. Released in 2018.

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Famous artistFamous artist
Born in 1969


Invader is the pseudonym of a French artist born in 1969 in Paris, France. His real identity remains anonymous, adding an aura of mystery to his work. He is best known for his urban art practice, particularly for his pixelated mosaics inspired by retro video games.

From a young age, Invader developed an interest in art, influenced by pop culture and the emerging video games of the 1980s. He began experimenting with various artistic forms, ranging from graffiti to installations, while exploring the aesthetic potential of mosaics.

His distinctive style emerged in the early 1990s when he started creating pixelated mosaics depicting characters from classic video games such as Space Invaders, from which he derives his pseudonym. These works are often discreetly placed in public locations, transforming urban spaces into impromptu art galleries.

Invader's approach is deeply rooted in street art culture but also transcends the boundaries of the movement. His mosaics can be found in cities around the world, earning him international renown. He often employs a systematic approach to install his works, creating a global network of what he calls "Invasions."

In addition to his installations in public spaces, Invader has also exhibited in renowned art galleries worldwide. His solo exhibitions have attracted a diverse audience, ranging from traditional art enthusiasts to geek culture aficionados. His works have been auctioned for considerable sums, reflecting the growing appreciation for his work in the contemporary art market.

Beyond his mosaics, Invader has explored other media, including sculpture, video, and electronic music. However, he remains true to his roots in street art, continuing to create urban interventions that challenge artistic conventions and engage the public.

Invader's approach raises questions about the nature of art, the ownership of public space, and the boundaries between ephemeral and enduring art. His work has inspired numerous urban artists and has helped popularize the street art movement on a global scale.

With his iconic pixelated mosaics, Invader continues to push the boundaries of urban art, while maintaining a mystery that fuels fascination with his work. His impact on the contemporary art scene is undeniable, and his influence is felt far beyond the streets where his creations are scattered.

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