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Felipe Pantone UV inks on paper




63 cm x 63 cm



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Rhône-Alpes, France


Felipe Pantone UV inks on Fabriano Rosaspina paper 285 g / m2
63 x 63 cm (24.8031" x 24.8031")

300 proofs in total, each different from the next.
Thick, cut paper.

"Integration System P # 01 combines user intervention with the main features of my Integration System series. The creation of a composition through the subtractive color model, the integration of the piece on a white background, and the texture that allows me to differentiate shapes despite similar color tones."


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Felipe Pantone

Famous artistFamous artist
Born in 1986


Felipe Pantone, an Argentinian artist originally from Buenos Aires, began his artistic career at a very young age when he moved to Spain, where he explored and experimented with the art of graffiti. He later obtained an art degree in Valencia, where he set up his studio. A tireless traveler, his mural creations extend to cities such as Tokyo, London, Osaka, Paris and many others.

Felipe Pantone's work is inspired by artists such as José María Yturralde, Frédéric Platéus, Herb Lubalin, Sozyone Gonzalez, Steven Powers, and Demsky...

His work fuses typography and abstraction in an ultramodern aesthetic. Resolutely avant-garde, his singular style reinvents graffiti, propelling it towards futuristic and kinetic art. Using a color palette based on the geometric motifs of Optical Art, he defies movement and perspective. A true artistic chameleon, he explores text, neon and metallic colors... Felipe Pantone creates an innovative visual language at the crossroads of the digital age, technology and society. His works arouse an almost instinctive attraction and evoke a unique vision, plunging us into total immersion.

His work has been exhibited throughout Europe, America, Australia and Asia.

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