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One layered hand pulled gloss acrylic screen print




40.6 cm x 61 cm


Studio stamp

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Serigraph sold with a certificate of authenticity issued by the Stowe Gallery.

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Very good




Neuville-sur-Saône, France


"The team at Clown Skateboards were a huge part of Banksy’s early career from spraying the streets, showcasing Banksy's work for the very first time in London with the now legendary “Rivington Street Exhibition” in 2000 and for the release of the first little black book “Banging My Head Against A Brick Wall”. To return the favour, Banksy kindly created the iconic image which has been used by Clown ever since.".

This is a chance to own an official work by Banksy on a hand-pulled screen print at an affordable price.

Dimensions: 40.6 x 61 cm / 16 x 24 in

Medium: One layered hand pulled gloss acrylic Screen Print. Printed on JPP textured Somerset 300 gsm with Hand-torn edges

Provenance: Numbered and embossed by Stowe Gallery and Clown Skateboards. Also includes publisher issued/signed COA.

Edition: Limited Edition of 750

"We've had quite a few messages asking us about the logo and if it really was BANKSY who did it for us – well the answer to that one is: YES.

After yet another drunken night out with the man himself, we were all arguing about how to do a proper Exhibition in London that was not legal. As we were stumbling from pub to pub in Shoreditch we walked through Rivington Street which was THE perfect place to do something illegal, you had the tunnel to paint in and it would be easy to close the road off as no one really used it at this point.

Just one week later we were back with 2 buckets of paint, a letter and some painting company signs we nicked off a building site. The letter was forged from an arts organisation wishing us luck with the ‘Tunnel Vision Project’ in case we got a pull. An hour later the walls were painted, and the stencils were up, and we held an opening party three days later with beers and hip hop bumping out the back of a van. The police arrived but let us carry on and the petrol generator for the sound system caught on fire, but it was a night that goes down in history.

At that point, it was all about doing favours for each other to make things easier to survive; so we were helping Banksy put up, sell some works and pay the bills – and at the same time, we were just getting things together to open up a company that was skate, art and music-oriented and Banksy kindly agreed to do our logo for us – the Clown logo was born in July 2000." - Clown


Stowe Gallery

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Famous artistFamous artist
Born in 1974


Banksy is one of the most famous anonymous street artists in the world. The person behind this amazing pseudonym wants to keep his personal life a secret. His graffiti, which mixes aerosol and stencil techniques, takes us into a world steeped in humor and irony about today's society.

His art work began to be seen in the 1990s on the walls of Bristol and in the Shoreditch area of London. When Banksy unveils a new work, he never hesitates to make jokes and performances in the presentation of his creation.

In 2015, Banksy created a large-scale installation, Dismaland Bemusement Park, a working theme park that immerses the public in a satirical parody of Disneyland, with comments on wealth distribution, sexism and the British government. This park founded and managed by Banksy himself was operational between August and September 2015.

Banksy lives and works in England and has not finished surprising us.

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