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Linocut print on blue grey vellum




38 cm x 32 cm



State of conservation

Very good




Paris, France


Linocut by Pablo Picasso in perfect condition. It was printed by the Ateliers Arnera. From an original work of Pablo Picasso. Very nice blue grey vellum paper.

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The artist


Pablo Picasso

Famous artistFamous artist
Born in 1881


Pablo Picasso was born in Málaga on 25 October 1881. His father was a drawing teacher, and he encouraged his son to follow an artistic education.

At the age of 11, Picasso enrolled at the A Coruña School of Arts. In 1895, he continued his training at the Fine Arts School in Barcelona.

In 1898, he abandoned his studies to launch his career as an artist. He was influenced by the great painters of the time: Paul Gauguin, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Vincent Van Gogh...

Between 1901 and 1904, Pablo Picasso entered his "blue period". Affected by the suicide of one of his friends, he worked mainly with blue. This period is marked by anguish and nostalgia.

In June 1901, Pablo Picasso was only 19 years old and the gallery owner Ambroise Vollard exhibited 64 of his impressionist-inspired paintings in Paris.

Between 1904 and 1906, the Spanish artist was in his "pink period". He lived at the Bateau-Lavoir with several artists of his generation and produced a more sentimental painting.

From 1907 onwards, he turned to cubism. With Georges Braque, he developed synthetic cubism and introduced various materials into his canvases: sand, newspaper, metal sheet, wood...

Between 1916 and 1924, he returned to a more figurative art. In 1925, a new period began with the Surrealists, with a painting: "La Danse". The bodies are dislocated, deformed and the colours screaming.

In 1937, Pablo Picasso painted the famous "Guernica".

During his life, Pablo Picasso became friends with Guillaume Apollinaire, Amedeo Modigliani, Gertrude and Leo Stein, Jean Cocteau, Serge de Diaghilev, Henri Matisse and many others. Moreover, the painter did not hesitate to become politically involved on several occasions, notably for pacifism during the two world wars, then for communism in 1944.

The artist died on April 8, 1973 in his property of Mougins in the Maritime Alps. Endowed with an exceptional thirst for creativity, he touched all the pictorial currents of the 20th century. He is one of the undisputed masters of modern art.

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