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Ultrachrome inkjet printing on paper




70 cm x 50 cm



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Very good




Paris, France


Ultrachrome inkjet print on Bright White Hahnemühle paper. Format 70 x 50 cm. Limited edition of 50 copies signed in pencil by the artist and numbered.

Why Fairuz? "On August 4, 2020, the day of the explosion in the port of Beirut, a day of nightmare, stupor and amazement, the voice of Fairuz resonated like never before in my heart.

It is not surprising that Mouna Rebeiz chose Fairuz, one of the most famous singers in the Arab world, as her muse. Since the 1950s, she has never stopped singing about the love of her country, Lebanon. During the Lebanese civil war, between 1975 and 1990, for fear of being taken over by one of the camps, she remained silent, becoming by this long silence a symbol of peace and unity. "Only the breath of Fairuz gathers all Lebanese" explains Mouna Rebeiz.

50% of the price of the work is for the benefit of the Safe World Peace NGO.


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From her earliest childhood Mouna Rebeiz, who comes from a family of artists, shows an overflowing creativity and a particular interest for the Plastic Arts. She grew up in the shadow of musicians, painters and poets who influenced her painting where the notes and verses that rocked her childhood vibrate.

Fascinated by the human being and his psyche, she studied psychology at the Sorbonne and then at Saint-Joseph University. After completing her master's degree in psychology, she started a family and spent most of her time traveling between Europe and North America. In 1995, Mouna enrolled in the Cépiade workshop, where she met Alix de la Source, a lecturer at the Louvre and a specialist in 18th century painting techniques. The latter introduced her to the techniques of the great masters and helped her find her way.

From patina courses in Paris, to Renaissance courses, from Abraham Pincas painter and Director of Fine Arts, to Mohamed El Rawas great Lebanese painter and professor at the Fine Arts, Mouna perfects her technique and captures in her works energy and Life.