Artwork information




Acrylic, aerosol and screen printing on canvas




150 cm x 115 cm


Signed and dated on the back

Proof(s) of authenticity

Painting sold with a certificate of authenticity issued by Lucia Schautz.

State of conservation

Very good




Berlin, Germany


This painting on canvas is mounted on a wooden frame. At the request of the buyer, the artist can have this work framed with a frame of her selection.


Artist's Studio

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The artist


Lucia Schautz

Emerging artistEmerging artist
Born in 1975


Lucia Schautz is a German artist born in 1975 in an artist's house. Lucia started painting at a very young age. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, she received a scholarship to live and study in Paris.

Paris is an important place for her. There she studied painting, performance, scenography and costume design. Soon enough, she wanted to connect all these media by doing a project on the famous actress Marlene Dietrich: "I was fascinated by this famous actress, because she had several levels in her personality. I was able to see an excellent exhibition about her at the Musée de la Mode in Paris. That inspired me a lot in my work."

Today, Lucia Schautz moves between Berlin and Stuttgart. Berlin is her haven of peace, she has a workshop there. At the same time, the artist is regularly in Stuttgart where she has her silkscreen prints made on canvas. Lucia Schautz uses an innovative technique: she starts from a silk-screen printed canvas and paints it to give it an extraordinary liveliness. The fragments of motifs and the different levels of reality are the main threads of her painting. This technique makes her an artist apart.

Over time, Lucia Schautz has developed a unique style: a mix between street art, elements painted in a realistic way and silkscreen printing. Her works are always colorful and expressive. Her models can be unknowns or great icons: Marilyn Monroe, Frida Kahlo, Audrey Hepburn...

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