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Color print on Arches paper




76 cm x 57 cm



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Paris, France


This color print on Arches paper by Troy Henriksen is based on a series of very personal works by Troy Henriksen. This print was edited by Jacques Tenenhaus in close collaboration with the artist. The vivid colors, energy and sensitivity that emanate from Troy's works offer the public a brilliant show.

The artist


Troy Henriksen

Emerging artistEmerging artist
Born in 1962
United States


Troy Henriksen is an American visual artist of Norwegian origin. His optimistic style, close to free figuration, plunges into dreams, reflecting an imagination fed by memories and aspirations. Cities, cars, personalities: Marilyn Monroe, Arthur Rimbaud, the Indian Sitting Bull, Gandhi, James Dean... Allegories: hearts, or these same personalities who are each in their own way symbols. What they have in common: the brightness of the colours that make life so much more joyful.

 His taste for painting comes from his childhood as an apprentice fisherman. On the water, the senses are in the foreground, Troy admires the sky, the sun. Back on dry land, he sees his fellow fishermen having fun painting on boat hulls. He became a long-distance fisherman until he was twenty-eight years old, when the desire for stability took precedence over adventure. After a few equivocal experiences with drugs, Troy rediscovers life in a new light. Thanks to... a can of yellow paint, lying there in his Boston flat.

From that moment on, Troy took a closer look at the history of painting: abstract expressionism, surrealism, Dadaism, impressionism, then the Beat Generation, the German expressionists and the Bauhaus. Chicago, Los Angeles and New York mark out Troy's career. There, Troy discovers France. Through a copy of The Little Prince, which his friend Helen Frankenthaler gave him, and through Rimbaud, whose photograph struck him by its resemblance to him. These encounters, as fortuitous as they were formative, led Troy to leave the United States for Paris.

1998: Paris. France promises him new encounters. Especially that of his future gallery owner, Eric Landau. His career took off when his permanent presence at Galerie W enabled him to reach a wider audience.

His works are shown in Paris and throughout France, in London, Brussels and the United States.

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