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127 cm x 65 cm x 35 cm



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Plate signed and numbered by the artist: "Richard Orlinski - HC N 3/4"

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Puteaux, France


This gorilla holding a barrel is an iconic sculpture by Richard Orlinski. This artist's proof in red resin is numbered "3/4", its height is 127 cm. On the metal plate signed by Richard Orlinski, it is written "HC" which means "Out of trade", which makes it a rare work.

With this sculpture, Richard Orlinski shows us that his King Kong is more conscientious than some humans, he rejects oil with force, he knows that it represents a threat. This gigantic gorilla that reigns over a hostile nature nevertheless preserves other species. Wild Kong uses his phenomenal power to rid the planet of the scourge of oil.

Richard Orlinski shows us that a gentle animal can also become a ferocious beast when it comes to preserving its ecosystem. Richard Orlinski would also like to point out that this animal has a genetic heritage very close to humans, as it is 98% similar. A breathtaking work!


Gift from Richard Orlinski to the current owner.

The artist


Richard Orlinski

Famous artistFamous artist
Born in 1966


Richard Orlinski is a French artist, DJ and actor born in Paris in 1966. He has been interested in art from an early age. He studied at the University of Paris-1 and at the Institute of International Management in Paris, but he continues to be passionate about art. He occupied several jobs before devoting himself fully to art in the early 2000s. In 2004, he publicly presents his first sculptures.

Art galleries quickly begin to take an interest in his art. In 2006, he exhibits at the FIAC. Many stars collect these creations, including Pharrell Williams or Sharon Stone who are among his early collectors. Richard Orlinski is considered as the sculptor of the big stars, indeed, everyone is taking him away.

The famous artist has notably collaborated with Jean-Paul Hévin, Frédéric Anton, Daum, Cristofle, Hublot or Disneyland Paris.

Richard Orlinski is also recognized for his talents as a DJ. In 2016, he gets a lot of success with the title Heart Beat with the singer Eva Simons. In the video clip of this music, the artist honors his Wild Kong. In 2019, Richard Orlinski launches his one man show "Tête de Kong", a show imagined with Laurent Baffie.

Richard Orlinski defines himself as a popular artist, he wants to democratize art and make it more accessible by leaving the traditional distribution channels. He sculpts to sublimate reality, he creates lively works that evoke strong emotions.

The sculptor is very impregnated by pop culture, his colorful universe revolves around wild animals and iconic objects. Richard Orlinski is a lover of the arts, he twists a lot of preconceived ideas on the field. His most emblematic work is undoubtedly his "Wild Kong", a powerful gorilla that the artist readily compares to man. Indeed, Richard Orlinski reminds us that gorilla genomes are 98% similar to those of humans.

Today, he is represented by more than 90 galleries in France and abroad. According to Art Price in 2015, he was the best-selling French contemporary artist in the world. In 2018, he was even the 365th most quoted artist in the world, according to the same source.

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