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Screen print on paper




61 cm x 46 cm



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Very good




Rhône-Alpes, France


Black and white silkscreen print. Printed and signed by hand.
Printed on 290g Coventry Rag paper with fringed edges.

Numbered and limited to 150 prints.

Dimensions: 61 x 46 cm - 24 x 18 inches

The artist


Cleon Peterson

Emerging artistEmerging artist
Born in 1973
United States


Cleon Peterson was born in Seattle in 1973. He was born into a bohemian family environment where creativity was a priority. His artistic career is rooted in a childhood marked by asthma, which led him to explore drawing during his frequent hospitalisations. Cleon's life took a complex turn when he lived in New York, where he went through periods of drug addiction leading to stays in prison and psychiatric hospitals. This tumultuous period had a profound influence on the work the artist creates today.

Themes of urban violence, deprived neighbourhoods and social tension are at the heart of his work. Cleon Peterson explains: "I paint a reality that not everyone has necessarily experienced, but which exists, which is out there. There's a kind of primal life that goes with this misery, and that's what I try to address in my paintings", all without passing moral judgement.

Alongside his career as a painter, Cleon Peterson has forged a notable reputation as a graphic designer in the world of skateboarding. In 1998, he joined the Californian team of Shepard Fairey's assistants.

In 2009, Cleon Peterson had his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles, marking the start of a series of artistic projects. In 2014, he left a monumental mark with a 50-metre mural at the Palais de Tokyo. The artist continues to explore the darker aspects of social reality through his work, offering a frank and uncompromising perspective.

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