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Screen print on paper




60 cm x 60 cm



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Screen print sold with a certificate of authenticity.

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Very good




Rhône-Alpes, France


Sun, Icy & Sot, 2017

Beautiful 2-coat silkscreen on Muscletone Starch White 130lb paper.

Limited edition of 100 prints. The print offered is the Print Proof 1 of 13.

Dimensions of the work: 24" x 24" (60cm x 60cm)

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The artist


Icy & Sot

Emerging artistEmerging artist
Born in 1985


Icy and Sot, two brothers and passionate artists, hail from Tabriz in northwest Iran. The eldest, Icy, was born in 1985, while Sot was born in 1991. United by their love of urban art, they transform streets and walls with their creations. In 2008, aspiring to greater freedom and creativity, they took the bold decision to leave Iran and settle in Brooklyn, New York, where they live and work today.

Raised in a generation scarred by the ravages of war, the two artists are dedicated to promoting engaged messages. Since 2006, they have been responding to the atrocities around them with spray paint, proudly flying the banner of Human Rights and proclaiming messages of peace, justice and hope. For them, art is the best weapon against ignorance and conflict.

Icy and Sot are emerging as influential and revolutionary figures in the Iranian art world, transforming the urban landscape. Their passion for skateboarding led them to discover graffiti and stencil art, two inseparable worlds. Through a veritable creative crusade, they deconstruct the clichés of Iranian tradition, brick by brick, wall by wall.

Through giant sculptures and provocative mural stencils, the two brothers seek to raise awareness and encourage viewers to question their actions. Their works address social, political and ecological issues, using, for example, skull-shaped Coke cans to denounce consumer society, or arms covered with bills that obstruct the view.

Street art remains illegal in Iran, making their approach risky. That's why, in 2008, the two brothers decided to head for New York. In 2016, they also embarked on a tour of Europe to explore the diverse realities and issues specific to each country.

Icy and Sot have exhibited their work around the world, both on the streets and in galleries, leaving their artistic mark in France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland and Italy.