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Indian Ink on fine art paper




42 cm x 29.7 cm


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Work by Nef sold with a certificate of authenticity.

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Rhône-Alpes, France


Indian ink on fine art paper
42 x 29.7 cm

The series of spray paint works we cover today is a captivating exploration of geometric and minimal abstraction. These artistic creations are distinguished by their bold use of the black and white color palette, creating a striking play of contrasts.

This series exudes a form of elegant simplicity, where geometry plays the main role. Curves, solids and voids create clean geometric shapes that combine to create an aesthetic that evokes purity and mathematical rigor. The artist uses the spray with exceptional mastery to apply subtle layers of paint, creating fluid transitions between black and white.

These abstract works exude a fascinating depth despite their apparent minimalism. Viewers are invited to explore the subtle nuances of the gray gradients and contemplate the variations in textures, which seem to change depending on the light and angle of view. Each painting evokes a unique atmosphere, a feeling of balance and harmony.

The artist behind this series manages to capture the essence of simplicity while evoking complex thoughts about duality, symmetry, and the geometry of the universe. These black and white works are an invitation to contemplation, meditation and the search for meaning in the beauty of geometric abstraction.


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Born in 1977


Nef, born in 1977, lives and works in Lyon. She studied at the Beaux-Arts de Lyon and graduated with honors. Nef has been drawing since childhood.

A multi-disciplinary artist, she developed a body of experimental video and installation work (participating in international festivals), then continued her creative work with the Nef&bze© graphic studio (focusing on electronic music). Then, in 2021, she became a professional painter.

Her poetic works deal with questions of Man, Nature, emotions and feelings. Artist Nef transports us into a world of gentleness and surrealism through a series of contemporary pop portraits. Each of her works is a bold fusion of vivid color and subtle detail, or a search for chiaroscuro in black and white, creating a unique aesthetic.

Her faces defy convention, inviting the viewer to explore the depths of the human soul while capturing the essence of contemporary art. She takes pleasure in revealing the absurd, the grotesque or contemporary disenchantment, through portraits with playful looks and often evocative titles.

Nef is a sensitive and sincere artist who likes to mix techniques and media: experimentation and evolution are part of her approach.

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