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50 cm x 40 cm


Signed lower right

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Rhône-Alpes, France


Digigraphy signed and numbered on 100. Embossed C215 logo. Beautiful portrait of Pablo Picasso by C215.

Format 50 x 40 cm on 310gr Canson paper.

The artist


Famous artistFamous artist
Born in 1973


C215, also known as Christian Guémy, is a French urban artist renowned internationally for his exceptional talent in the field of stencil art. A native of Paris, C215 is considered a pioneer of contemporary urban art and has greatly contributed to popularizing stencil as a means of artistic expression.

From an early age, C215 was captivated by the cultural richness of his native city. Inspired by the vibrant atmosphere of Paris, he began to explore the streets and nooks of the capital, discovering the diversity of faces and stories that make it up. These chance encounters with anonymous characters and often marginalized individuals have had a profound impact on his artistic career.

C215 chose stencilling as his main technique for expressing his artistic vision. This method enables him to achieve remarkable precision in depicting the expressions and emotions of his subjects. His works, often produced in black and white with carefully chosen touches of color, are filled with meticulous details that bring the characters he immortalizes to life.

C215's art is characterized by its focus on marginalized and forgotten individuals. Through his portraits, he seeks to give a voice and visibility to those who are often ignored or invisible. Homeless people, street children, refugees and immigrant workers are among the recurring subjects of his art. By capturing their expressions and gazes, he reveals the stories hidden behind the faces, eliciting deep empathy in the viewer.

C215's works have been exhibited in prestigious galleries and museums around the world, attracting the admiration of contemporary art lovers. He has also created huge murals in public spaces, leaving a lasting artistic imprint on city walls. His work is appreciated for its combination of technicality and emotion, as well as for its social and political commitment.

In addition to his artistic talent, C215 is also a fervent defender of freedom of expression and art accessible to all. He has developed participatory and collaborative projects in which he invites the public to express themselves through stencil and share their own stories. This democratic approach strengthens the links between the artist and the community, encouraging collective expression and reflection on social issues.

C215 is a committed artist, deeply aware of the social responsibility of art. He uses his art to challenge prejudice, denounce injustice and promote empathy and mutual understanding. His work reminds the public of the importance of human dignity and compassion, and prompts deeper reflection on contemporary issues in our society.

With his unique style, mastery of stencil and social commitment, C215 has left an indelible mark on the urban art scene. His powerful, emotional art gives a voice to the invisible, echoing the feelings and experiences of those who are often overlooked. His work continues to inspire and provoke reflection on the most pressing issues of our time, while reminding us of the importance of compassion and humanity in our society.