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25.7 cm x 12.7 cm x 9.7 cm



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Rhône-Alpes, France


Limited edition of 100. 3D printed resin, cast resin.

10 H x 5 W x 3.8 D inches
25.7 H x 12.7 W x 9.7 D cm

"Collectively, I refer to the project as Paradis Vitré, an extra dimensional place, especially in my mind full of characters. Normally, something like this would be a book, but I manifest the characters in the street so that people, dogs, pigeons, etc. are unknowingly part of the story. Sometimes the characters have been rescued by ambulances, destroyed by bomb squads, set on fire by angry residents or adopted by bar owners. I've done these installations in over 30 countries and every time it ends differently although often for the characters it's on the tragic side." Mark Jenkins

The artist


Mark Jenkins

Born in 1970
United States


Mark Jenkins is a contemporary American artist known worldwide for his provocative, interactive urban sculptures. Born with an innate passion for art and an overflowing creative spirit, Jenkins has pushed the boundaries of artistic expression by using the urban environment as the canvas for his unique installations.

Originally from Washington, D.C., Jenkins grew up in the heart of the city's vibrant urban culture, which has strongly influenced his work. Armed with an inquisitive mind and an insatiable desire to explore, he began experimenting with unusual materials and creating stunning sculptures that blend seamlessly into the urban landscape.

Jenkins' work is characterized by its deceptive realism and its ability to arouse strong emotions in viewers. He often uses mannequins, which he transforms and positions in intriguing situations, defying traditional expectations of art. His sculptures are often disturbing, disrupting everyday reality and prompting people to question their surroundings and interactions.

In addition to his visual impact, Jenkins also strives to make his art interactive. He encourages passers-by to engage with his sculptures by touching them, photographing them or even interacting with them. This participatory dimension enhances the artistic experience, allowing viewers to become actors in his work.

Mark Jenkins' innovative work has been exhibited in prestigious galleries and public spaces around the world. His installations have been admired and admired by audiences in cities such as New York, Paris, London and Tokyo. Her urban sculptures have also been widely shared on social networks, attracting the attention of millions and generating a veritable craze for her art.

In addition to his artistic work, Jenkins is a fervent defender of freedom of expression and uses his art as a means of raising social awareness. Through his provocative installations, he addresses issues such as social inequality, over-consumption and environmental concerns, inviting the public to think and act.

Today, Mark Jenkins continues to explore new artistic frontiers, pushing back the limits of his imagination and talent. His artistic legacy is already deeply rooted in the contemporary art world, and his influence will be felt for many years to come.