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Silkscreen on wood




76 cm x 44 cm

Dimensions with frame80 cm x 48 cm


Signed lower left

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Very good




Toulouse, France


A back street of Miami Beach where nothing is really aesthetic. Delivery truck, bins, car park... but a puddle of water reflects the setting sun and brings its magic to sublimate this place without interest.

This silkscreen by Laurent Minguet is a reproduction of an original painting done in June 2022. It was made on a veneer of fine cherry wood. The grain of the natural wood is always different, so each piece is unique!

Limited edition of 30 copies Each work is numbered, signed and framed.


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The artist


Laurent Minguet

Emerging artistEmerging artist
Born in 1969


Laurent Minguet is a French multidisciplinary artist and designer born in 1969 in Toulouse where he lives and works.

Adept of acrylic on canvas from a very young age, he learns alone and paints only with a brush. Guided by automobile silhouettes, he perfected his hyperrealist style. From 1998, inspired by his first great travels, he focuses on landscapes marked by hyperurbanization. 

Laurent Minguet has surveyed several megalopolises in search of the best photographic angle of iconic or arbitrary places. In his studio, he will then methodically draw them in pencil and then paint them, thus making them remarkable by the balance of their contrasts. 

Since 2014, the supports he uses are of fine walnut, cherry or oak, raw or natural, which he carefully selects so that their random vintage reinforces the dynamics of an extremely detailed whole. The precise and essential line then freezes for a moment the agitation and architectural density of his graphic composition. 

To break the linearity of the noble wood, the artist will work the monochrome acrylic in opposition to the photorealistic precision of the painting, thus revealing the strength of his different interpretations. The continuity of the urban landscape recreated with the brush in the illusion of a natural transparency finally marks the culmination of the work.

"The singular sobriety of my painting superimposes hyperrealism and play of illusion, suggesting several prisms of vision." Laurent Minguet

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