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Embroidery art on black cotton canvas




100 cm x 100 cm

Dimensions with frame106 cm x 106 cm


Signed and dated on the back

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Work sold with a certificate of authenticity issued by the artist.

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Very good




Lyon, France


This art embroidery is a unique work by Bebar which is the result of a collaboration with the Vangart house. It measures 100 x 100 cm (without frame) and 106 x 106 cm (with frame).

For this new unprecedented collaboration, the two parties have decided to create two distinct projects: a unique work and a limited edition. For the occasion, Bebar has designed two square formats. The new works are at the junction of the mandala and the Roschach test.

Very psychedelic, the colorful patterns twist into each other, losing the viewer's gaze. The influence of the 1970s is very intense and explicit, whether in the choice of shapes or colors. Bebar is not afraid of mixing and willingly combines foliage with invented shapes to create dynamic and charged compositions.

About Vangart
Vangart is the perfect alliance between artistic creation and embroidery. Each collaboration is the result of a reflection with the artist on the choice of materials and colors to use in order to faithfully transcribe his intentions. Each embroidered work represents several hours of work and hundreds of thousands of embroidery stitches which makes it totally unique.


Vangart Studio in Lyon, France

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The artist



Born in 1993


Born in 1993, the French-Spanish artist Bebar is distinguished by his versatility and his dual practice, between mastery of graffiti and academic mastery, between figuration and abstraction.

It's at the National School of Decorative Arts (ENSAD) in Paris and then at the Parsons School in New York that approve the academic techniques that will mix with his taste for street art, including the most transgressive.

Bebar expresses itself in different forms such as illustration, sculpture or even tattooing. He exhibits his work in art gallery and in the streets of the cities that inspire him: Paris, New York, Rio, Havana.

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