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Acrylic on panel, mixed media, resin




88 cm x 77 cm x 3.5 cm


Signed and dated on the back

Proof(s) of authenticity

Painting sold with a certificate of authenticity issued by Aiiroh.

State of conservation

Very good




Treilles-en-Gâtinais, France


"The Wolf by KH" is a mixed media on resin panel made by Aiiroh in 2021-2022. This unique piece was purchased directly by the current owner from Mind the Gap Label. It is sold with its certificate of authenticity.

With this piece of art, Aiiroh pays tribute to the artistic work of Keith Haring.


French private collection
Artist's Studio

The artist



Emerging artistEmerging artist
Born in 1987


Aiiroh is a French artist born in Narbonne in 1987. From an early age, Aiiroh started to paint in the train stations of several cities. In his art, he draws a lot of inspiration from the Pop Art movement, New Pop Art, popular culture and urban arts. At the beginning of the 2000s, he tries his hand at stencilling, a technique that allows him to proceed quickly in the street.

At the same time, a friend introduced him to the work of poster artists such as Raymond Hains, Dufrêne, Villeglé and Rotella. He is passionate about these artists: "I am very inspired by this movement which for me has a great poetic dimension! I sometimes spend whole nights wandering around to find and tear down the poster I like. I think I add a touch of optimism and color and I don't like to politicize my work, but today more than ever my artistic practice as a poster artist finds an echo to the 1961 exhibition of Hains which touched me a lot: "La France déchiré".

In some of his creations, the artist does not hesitate to integrate brands and symbols known to recall the dependence of men on consumer products. Finally, the subjects he treats are in line with the subjects tackled by the great artists of Pop Art. His works criticize or play with softness and delicacy on the consumer society in which we live.

Aiiroh uses mixed and current techniques such as collage of Swarovski crystals, dripping, stencil, gel, acrylic paint and many others...

For several years, Aiiroh has been exhibited in about twenty galleries in France, as well as on the international scene: Switzerland, Italy, England, Greece, Israel, the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

"Thanks to Banksy and before him Blek le Rat, young street artists like me can have a visibility they would never have had before. Works that used to be intended for a few passers-by in a dark and obscure alley can now be seen by the greatest number. Social networks, such as Instagram, are also playing a big part in the rise and explosion of street art. I define myself as a street artist but also as a pop artist, in the original sense of "popular", which brings street culture to life. I like to ironize and play with the references and icons that touch and make my generation share. However, I try most of the time to keep a spirit of love and optimism".

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