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Mixed media on canvas




75 cm x 75 cm



Proof(s) of authenticity

A certificate issued by the Galerie Bertheas - Les Tournesols de Vichy, France will be given to the buyer

State of conservation

Very good




Grenoble, France


This painting is framed in an American black box. On the back it bears the inscription "hommage à Robert Crumb".


French private collection

The artist


Benjamin Spark

Emerging artistEmerging artist
Born in 1969


Defining himself today as "a craftsman of pop culture" Benjamin Spark was not predestined for the practice of painting. He was born in the Paris region in 1969, during his "first life", he founded with his best friend in 1995 a website creation company in Paris, a sector still marginal at that time, Benjamin Spark thus showed his taste for taking risks. 

At the age of 30, he decided to change his life to devote himself fully to his passion for art. He even chose to go to the Beaux-Arts de Paris to improve his technical skills. He then headed to the United States to immerse himself in this cradle of urban culture. In 2007, he left Paris for Brussels and opened his studio. 

Brussels has a significant impact on his creativity, and his talent has not escaped the attention of the Brussels people, who have recognized him for several years as a leading artist of street art culture. It was also in Brussels that Benjamin Spark made an important encounter, that of the gallery owner Yann Berthéas, who in fact dedicated an exhibition to him in his gallery located in Vichy.

Benjamin Spark's art refers to many elements: current events, art history and popular culture. In his paintings, the artist puts forward subjects that are close to his heart and on which he wishes to make the spectator react. His creations are often composed by characters from comic books, manga, video games, or cinema. Different universes and eras cohabit to form sets rich in meaning, in parallel, the Franco-Belgian artist mixes techniques using acrylic, spray, pastel, gouache, felt...

Benjamin Spark has exhibited in France, Belgium, the United States, Monaco, Germany, Morocco and Greece.

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