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Art Shortlist
by Art Shortlist - February 5, 2022


We went into the intimacy of Bernard Buffet's art with this preparatory lithograph where the artist gives instructions to the printer.


David Hockney gets the silver medal this month!


On the third step of the podium, we find Ludovic Thiriez, Maxence Doré and Jéko at our first exhibition in Paris.


Let's go to the garden of Eden imagined by Thibault Laget-ro.


Back to the private exhibition sponsored by Art Shortlist in December 2021.


Works by Jéko and Thibault Laget-ro featured in our Paris exhibition.


A beautiful Pablo Picasso quote paired with an artshortlisted lithograph.


Dutch artist Nase Pop has joined Art Shortlist, welcome to him!


Seen's art in all its magnificence.


We started the year with this sublime painting by Lucia Schautz.