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Nase Pop

Emerging artistEmerging artist
Born in 1982


Graffiti artist for +/- 20 years Living in Argentina since 2008, Nase Pop Started on a young age painting graffitis. In 2008 he moved to Buenos Aires Argentina where currently he has his studio.

He began his career in the 1990 ́s as a graffiti artist and graphic designer during a period when the analog world became digital.

This had a profound influence on his works: the process of abandoning the traditional method of graffiti to start a digital aesthetic process resulted in the exploration of different materials, shapes and new color palettes.

After several years developing his graffiti works, Daniel began to explore the small format, making studio works, with a deep interest in the abstract and architectural world. The moving to Buenos Aires where the contrast with his home country was extreme had a big influence on this process.

The last couple of years he has been exploring architecture by making sculptures made in different materials such as wood and metal, a product derived from his abstract paintings.

Due to the urban origin of his work, he is constantly exploring the visual interruption of the landscape in the cities, creating graffiti, murals, sculptures and other objects that achieve a distorting effect with respect to their surroundings.

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Interview - In the studio of Nase Pop

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