Discover the 10 most liked photos on Art Shortlist's Instagram account in October 2021.

Art Shortlist
by Art Shortlist - November 3, 2021


You loved Maxence Doré's latest Parisian exhibition.


Willem de Kooning in full reflection in his studio, a mythical photo.


A gray flower as soft as it is beautiful by the inimitable Georgia O'Keeffe!


These artshortlisters enjoy this dazzling painting by Lucia Schautz every day.


A painting by Matisse where we see a subtle reference to one of his most iconic works, The Dance (1910).


On display at the Taylor Foundation in Paris for about a month, artshortlister Frédéric Blaimont has wowed you again.


You loved these two little creatures imagined by the great Pablo Picasso.


The meeting between the English artist Mr Penfold and the Vangart workshops made sparks fly...


A remarkable cubist painting by Pablo Picasso.


Immersion in the Viennese studio of Petra von Kazinyan. The German artist explained to us the foundations of one of her main artistic concepts: Ego.