Discover the 10 most popular posts on Art Shortlist's Instagram account in October 2022.

Art Shortlist
by Art Shortlist - November 3, 2022


An incredible wall painted recently by artshortlister Angel Toren. This mural is located in New York City.


This painting on a red background by Jazzu caught your eye!


A lithograph by JR to buy on Art Shortlist.


A stunning art installation in the heart of a mall.


Softness and beauty embodied in a sculpture by Yoko Kubrick.


Welcome to the studio of Lucia Schautz.


The Spanish artist worked on a series of paintings on a red background.


Damien Hirst's art in all its magnificence.


An abstract painting by Jéko that brings us back to spring.


An inspiring quote by Maxence Doré.