Discover the 10 most liked photos on Art Shortlist's Instagram account in July 2021.

Art Shortlist
by Art Shortlist - August 2, 2021


Thank you artshortlisters, this July you decided to place this oil on canvas by Henri Martin on top.


As refreshing as a good lemonade by the pool, this painting by JonOne gets the silver medal.


This painting entitled Introspection has seduced you and we understand! Other paintings by Mariyka Yaroslavskaya can be found on her Art Shortlist profile.


This little masterpiece by Fernand Léger fails to make it to the podium, but we can't blame her because her colours are so vibrant.


In the description of this photo, we asked you if you liked this painting by Sino, we got the answer!


In one sentence, Paul Claudel explains why Vermeer is a painting genius.


Petra von Kazinyan in her Vienna studio with her little dog.


You loved this painting by Costa Rican John Paul Fauves.


Finnish artist Eemil Karila's return to nature caught your eye.


Your likes also went to this painting by American artist Alma Woodsey Thomas, a colorful wonder!