Discover the 10 most popular posts on Art Shortlist's Instagram account in March 2022.

Art Shortlist
by Art Shortlist - March 30, 2022


A Rothko painting in the colors of Ukraine.


Claire Tabouret's artwork clearly seduced you!


A quote from Miró associated with one of his artshortlisted lithographs.


A head by Pablo Picasso to discover on Art Shortlist.


Willem de Kooning, an artist of genius, an unclassifiable artist.


Jackson Pollock in his studio, the master at work.


And you, in which city would you like to see our next exhibition?


A painting by Celine Liebi honoring the color blue.


One of Lucia Schautz's latest paintings.


Icelandic artist Erró presents a work for sale on the platform.