Discover the 10 most liked photos on Art Shortlist's Instagram account in August 2021.

Art Shortlist
by Art Shortlist - September 1, 2021


You loved this wonderful lithograph by Bernard Buffet. You placed it in first position, thanks for your likes!


You really liked this pink sculpture by Mark Whalen.


Banksy's big comeback was applauded by your likes.


This beautiful painting by Paul Cézanne provided a freshness in the heart of summer.


This drawing by Jazzu is beautiful and it didn't escape you!


This post introduces the latest feature we just implemented on


A new artshortlister, welcome to her!


"La main ouverte" by Le Corbusier takes 8th place.


Petra von Kazinyan's figurative paintings caught your eye.


Let's end on a high note with this amazing work by Joan Miró.