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Ron English

Born in 1959
United States


Ron English is an American artist born in Decatur in 1959. He is an adept of urban art and culture jamming. Through misappropriated posters and paintings, the artist plays with the iconography of multinationals, art history and popular culture to create stunning works. Thus, Ron English stages Vincent Van Gogh, Mickey Mouse, McDonalds or Joe Camel in situations opposite to their initial values.

In 2008, the American created the Abraham Obama poster which combines the faces of Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama. In 2014, he designed the cover of guitarist Slash's World on Fire album.

A documentary entitled Popaganda portrayed Ron English. Today, Ron English is considered an important figure in the evolution of street art. Moving away from traditional lettering and more specifically from Wild Style, Ron English chose the path of trompe l'oeil and satire.

"For me the pop vocabulary is an obvious language. It's visual English. I'm one of those new realists, with a pop twist. But I'm also part of the media hacker movement." Ron English


Ron English

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Ron English

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