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Born in 1983


RERO is a French contemporary artist renowned for his unique style and subversive vision of urban art. Originally from France, RERO has made a name for himself on the international art scene with his provocative installations and powerful messages.

Born with a thirst for artistic expression, RERO began his career exploring the streets of his hometown. He quickly made a name for himself with his mastery of letters and words, using urban walls as the canvas for his creations. His bold style is characterized by the use of letters crossed out with a black line, creating a distinctive and instantly recognizable aesthetic.

Over time, RERO has expanded his artistic practice to include other media, such as photography, video and installation. His work explores themes of consumer society, information overload and modern alienation. He often uses quotations and phrases to question social norms and challenge the viewer.

One of the defining characteristics of RERO's art is his subversive use of censorship. By crossing out words, he creates a visual paradox that encourages the public to question pre-established messages and reflect on the hidden meaning behind words and symbols.

RERO's works have been exhibited in internationally renowned galleries and art institutions, attracting public attention and admiration. He has also created monumental installations in the public space, transforming urban locations into spaces for reflection and questioning.

In addition to his artistic work, RERO is a fervent advocate of accessibility to art. It has launched several participatory and collaborative projects, inviting the public to become actively involved in artistic creation. This democratic approach strengthens the bond between artist and public, encouraging collective reflection and challenging established conventions.

RERO continues to push back the boundaries of urban art and contemporary art in general. His subversive approach and ability to use words and symbols to create a dialogue with the public make him one of the most innovative artists of his generation.

With his distinctive style and critical thinking, RERO has left a lasting imprint on the global art scene. His work evokes profound questions about society and our relationship with words and images, inviting everyone to ask questions and challenge established conventions.


Emerging artistRero

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