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Oli Epp

Emerging artistEmerging artist
Born in 1994
United Kingdom


Oli Epp was born in London in 1994 and still lives and works in the English capital. His paintings and other creations are autobiographical, sometimes in the tone of irreverence, sometimes in the tone of confession, Oli Epp is a master of the tragicomic. The painter focuses on moments he has experienced and observed in order to create.

His art aims to show with humor how ridiculous certain behaviors in society can sometimes be. The English painter uses pure human figures that offer a kind of parody of the world. These characters generally have enormous heads, perhaps to denounce the individualism present in our societies. Oli Epp thus proposes an amusing work and in phase with his time.


Emerging artistOli Epp

5 000 €

Emerging artistOli Epp

Black swan2020
350 €

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