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Born in 1974


N.A.S.T.Y., an undisputed icon of the Parisian graffiti world, marked his entry into the artistic world in 1988. He quickly made a name for himself by bringing a vibrant splash of color to the underground of Parisian subways, creating eye-catching and admired frescoes.

In 1990, Nasty joined the AEC (Artiste en Cavale) collective, a major turning point in his artistic career. However, it was in 1992 that he took the decisive step of exhibiting his work for the first time in Paris, marking the start of a veritable ascent in the world of urban art.

Nasty's name quickly became a signature in the metro tunnels, along the banks of the Seine and along the railroads. Alongside his street work, he takes part in numerous advertising campaigns for well-known brands such as 1664, Mercedes, BNP Paribas, Burn, Bic and Nestlé. He also explores the world of "artoys", collaborating with actors such as Kidrobot and Toy2R in Hong Kong.

As part of his exhibitions, Nasty stages the famous enamel plaques of the Paris metro, which he has collected over the last fifteen years. He also appropriates metro maps, perpetuating the founding spirit of graffiti while reinventing it. His works, particularly his enamel plaques, are a resounding success at auctions dedicated to urban art, with sales at Artcurial and Drouot attracting collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Nasty's influence and renown are not limited to the streets of Paris. In 2009, the Arte TV channel devoted a documentary to him, highlighting his career and his impact on the world of urban art. In 2012, Nasty teamed up with Coca-Cola's Burn energy drink brand, initiating a series of successful collaborations with prestigious brands such as Annick Goutal, Monoprix and even La Maison du Chocolat.

Nasty's work embodies both the quintessence of Parisian graffiti and boundless creativity, propelling urban art onto the world stage while continuing to write its history in the streets and galleries. His unique talent and influence endure, establishing Nasty as an essential pillar of the contemporary art scene.


Emerging artistNasty

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