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Born in 1976


Daniel Joseph Bombardier, Canadian pop artist/muralist, shines through his bold aerosol and stencil works, which take a critical look at contemporary politics, capitalism, consumerism and the human condition. Under the pseudonym of the artist and his alter ego DENIAL, he skillfully navigates through the mysteries of artistic satire.

His artistic journey took off in 1999, the year he became involved in the graffiti and street arts movement. It was also at this time that Daniel adopted the name "DENIAL", a clever mockery of the advertising, political and media messages that contemporary society often prefers to ignore.

Functioning as a conceptual vehicle for absurdist marketing, DENIAL innovatively challenges established concepts of graffiti and public art. Through dynamic and often satirical visual subversions, he challenges conventions, offering a singular artistic perspective.

Self-described as a subversive punk-pop artist, "DENIAL"'s works confront the masses of numb consumers by reflecting reality through a comedic and provocative prism. With a lively artistic expression and a sharp mind, he provokes images that leave an impression, creating a unique and memorable aesthetic.



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