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Christian Rex van Minnen

Born in 1980
United States


Christian Rex Van Minnen's singular canvases explore the grotesque, violence and mysteries of the afterlife with relish, sometimes revealing a strangely captivating beauty. His subjects, studded with sores and pustules, evoke the monstrous creatures of horror films and the grotesques born of toxic waste. At the same time, his floral compositions, bathed in bright neon colours, are adorned with decomposing skulls. Minnen creates a striking juxtaposition between decrepit figures and cheerful, carefully painted jelly bean motifs that cling to the wilted flowers and adhere to the humanoid heads, offering playful, ironic counterpoints to her macabre paintings.

Continuing an artistic lineage that ranges from Dutch vanitas to the realistic works of painter Ivan Albright, Minnen has successfully exhibited his creations in prestigious galleries around the world, including New York, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles, Madrid and Miami. His works have found their way into such eminent collections as those of Beth Rudin DeWoody, the Hall Art Foundation, the Denver Art Museum, and the Colección SOLO, among others. Christian Rex Van Minnen's bold and provocative art transcends conventional boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the contemporary art world.


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