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Bishop Parigo

Emerging artistEmerging artist
Born in 1981


Nicolas Poirier aka Bishop Parigo is a French artist born in 1981. He specializes in the contemporary urban world, his art is colorful, the smile and carefree are omnipresent.

Bishop Parigo has made his little birds his trademark, his signature. He invites spectators to rediscover their childlike soul. Considered as a jack of all trades, Bishop Parigo asserts his style everywhere and on all types of media. Over the last ten years, Bishop Parigo has tried his hand at canvas, paper, wood, concrete, fabric, artoy...

The artist has been able to evolve without ever losing his soul, which has allowed him to collaborate with brands such as Posca, Casio, Nestlé, Eastpak, Wrung, Otaku...

We are delighted to present a shortlist of works by this artist based in Paris, France.


Emerging artistBishop Parigo

Birdy en folie2020
800 €

Emerging artistBishop Parigo

Birds & Flowers2022
4 000 €

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