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Bisco Smith

Famous artistFamous artist
Born in 1980
United States


Bisco Smith is a contemporary American artist known worldwide for his graffiti-deconstructive approach inspired by abstract expressionism. With an artistic universe fueled by music, gestural abstraction and street art, the artist has been stirring the art community.

Sharing his studios between Los Angeles, California and Queens, New York, Bisco Smith is an elusive figure in the street art scene. He evolves on a wide variety of formats and supports, he also paints walls in major cities around the world, his creations are considered a form of "visual freestyle".

Ultimately Bisco Smith has reduced his compositions to their fundamental essence, formed by movement and rhythm, his black and white palette combines simplicity and efficiency. By reinterpreting abstract expressionism, Bisco Smith wants to deliver a message of hope for the future.

Over the past few years, Bisco Smith has traveled the world and collaborated with major brands such as Nike, RED, MCM, Coach, Hypebeast, Adidas. He has also had solo and group exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, Seattle, Hong Kong, London, Tokyo and Miami.

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Famous artistBisco Smith

Steady the ship2020
700 €

Famous artistBisco Smith

Hold the ground2020
700 €

Famous artistBisco Smith

1 700 €

Famous artistBisco Smith

One for All, All for One2018
2 400 €

Famous artistBisco Smith

No Justice, No Peace2020
800 €

Famous artistBisco Smith

IBOYAMI Journey Universal2022

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