Henri Matisse, one of the undisputed masters of twentieth-century art. He left behind an exceptional artistic legacy. Beyond his iconic creations, the celebrated French painter also captivated the world with his inspiring and profound words.

His quotations, true gems of wisdom and artistic expression, reflect his unique vision of art, creativity and life itself. In this article, Art Shortlist invites you to discover the 10 most beautiful quotes by Henri Matisse. Prepare to be inspired and even amazed by the captivating reflections of this artistic genius.

Art Shortlist
by Art Shortlist - July 20, 2023

1 - Color, above all and perhaps even more than drawing, is a liberation.

2 - One tone alone is only one color, two tones are a chord, that's life.

3 - Painting must be used for something other than painting.

4 - There are flowers everywhere for those who want to see them.

5 - You can't help getting old, but you can help becoming old.

6 - You have to be a child all your life.

7 - Art is an escape from reality.

8 - Don't wait for inspiration. It comes while you're working.

9 - Art should be something like a good armchair in which to rest from physical fatigue.

10 - My paintings are composed of four or five colors that collide with each other.

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