Claude Monet, a leading Impressionist master, left an indelible artistic legacy. Beyond his pictorial masterpieces that capture light and nature in a revolutionary way, Monet also let his creative spirit speak through words imbued with wisdom and inspiration.

In this article, we explore the ten most beautiful quotes by Claude Monet, words that transcend the canvas to reveal the depth of his artistic vision and philosophy of life. Get ready to dive into the captivating world of Claude Monet's thoughts, where the color of life blends with the palette of words.

Art Shortlist
by Art Shortlist - January 22, 2024

1 - All I did was look at what the universe showed me.

2 - The motif is something secondary, what I want to reproduce is what's between the motif and me.

3 - In front of you, a tree, a house, a field or whatever. Just think: here's a little square of blue, pink, a green oval, a yellow stripe and paint exactly as they appear to you.

4 - Color is my obsession of the day, joy and torment.

5 - While you philosophically seek the world in itself, I simply exert my effort on a maximum of appearances, in close correlation with unknown realities.

6 - I want to paint the air in which the bridge, the house, the boat are located. The beauty of the air where they are, and that's nothing short of impossible.

7 - Every day I hope for you.

8 - It took me a long time to understand my water lilies... I cultivated them without thinking of painting them... A landscape doesn't take hold of you in a day... And then, all of a sudden, I had a revelation of the enchantment of my pond. I picked up my palette. Since then, I've hardly had another model.

9 - What I'll do here will at least have the merit of not resembling anyone else, because it will be the impression of what I've felt, all by myself.

10 - What is there to say about me? What can there be to say, I ask you, about a man who is interested in nothing in the world but his painting - and also his garden and his flowers?

For a little pleasure, we invite you to discover a magnificent poem by Stéphane Mallarmé describing his friend Claude Monet:

Monsieur Monet that winter nor

Summer, his vision does not lure,

Inhabits, while painting, Giverny,

near Vernon, in the Eure.

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