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Seth Armstrong

Emerging artistEmerging artist
Born in 1983
United States


Visionary contemporary artist Seth Armstrong takes viewers on a journey into spellbinding urban worlds where reality and imagination merge harmoniously. Born with a paintbrush in his hand on June 23, 1982 in Los Angeles, California, Seth quickly developed a deep bond with art and creative expression.

From an early age, Seth was fascinated by exploring the streets of his hometown, captivated by the architecture and scenes of everyday life that unfolded there. This inquisitive and attentive eye for his surroundings enabled him to develop a unique artistic style, blending realism with intriguing narrative elements.

After graduating in Fine Arts from the California College of Arts in San Francisco, Seth began exhibiting his work in local galleries. His talent was quickly recognized, and his work has been exhibited in prestigious venues throughout the United States, as well as abroad.

Seth Armstrong's work is distinguished by his skilful use of light and shadow, creating atmospheric moods that immerse the viewer in captivating stories. His paintings are a visual testament to humanity in all its diversity, featuring ordinary people in extraordinary situations.

Seth's works are a poignant reflection on modern society and the complex human interactions that take place within it. He captures fleeting moments and freezes them on canvas, inviting viewers to meditate on the fragility of life and the ephemeral beauty of our everyday experiences.

Over the years, Seth has received numerous awards and his work has been acquired by private collectors and renowned institutions. His solo exhibitions have been critically acclaimed, attracting art lovers from all over the world who are seduced by his unique aesthetic and his ability to tell compelling stories through painting.

In addition to his artistic commitment, Seth Armstrong is also a fervent advocate of art education. He regularly leads workshops and lectures, sharing his expertise with the next generation of creative talent.

With his exceptional talent and distinctive artistic vision, Seth Armstrong continues to inspire art lovers the world over. His unwavering passion and dedication to his craft make him an essential artist of our time, whose work will continue to amaze and move future generations.


Emerging artistSeth Armstrong

Northern California2010

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