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Pierre le Faguays

Born in 1892


Pierre le Faguays was born in Rezé in 1892. He was trained at the Geneva School of Fine Arts by Vibert. He exhibited regularly in Paris in the 1920s and 1930s, during the golden age of the Art Deco movement. He liked to work with a wide range of materials: stone, bronze, cast iron, marble or even terracotta. His sculptures are often in motion, he produced mostly on live models. The style of the Faguays is close to Demetre Chiparus, known mainly for his bronze and ivory sculptures representing exotic dancers.

The artist used the names "Guerbe" or "Raymonde Guerbe" to sign some of his works. Most of them come from the famous foundry of Max le Verrier. After the war, the artist tried his hand at drawing and painting. He died on 8 September 1962 in Paris.


Pierre le Faguays

Espana aux boulesBeginning of the 20th century

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