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Philippe Berry

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Born in 1956


Philippe Berry was born on May 18, 1956 in Paris. In 1974, he entered the ESAG Penninghen. He first worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for textile companies and later as a layout artist, and finally he became an art director in advertising agencies.

Philippe was the brother of the actor Richard Berry, between 1980 and 1984, Philippe created posters for the cinema and theater sets. The sculptor was married with Josiane Balasko and Angelina Vautier. He is the father of the actress Marilou Berry.

Since 1984, he has fully devoted himself to sculpture. Philippe Berry's work is an exploration of the world of childhood. We find cuddly toys, snowmen, balloons and animals.

His favorite material is bronze. Philippe Berry was a joyful and prolific artist, he liked that we can have different interpretations of his artistic creations. In a video, he even confided that he was happy to be able to live from his art, because according to him, it is difficult to live from sculpture in the 21st century, he considered himself as a privileged person.

Philippe Berry's sculpture is above all a play on shapes and balances. A universe at the same time soft and marvelous.

Philippe Berry played a few roles in the cinema in 1985, he played Manu in the film Sac de noeuds by Josiane Balasko. In 1991, he plays a man working at the ANPE in Ma vie est un enfer by Josiane Balasko. In 1995, he turns in the film Gazon maudit by Josiane Balasko.

Philippe Berry died in 2019 of a heart attack, his brother paid tribute to him in these words: "My brother is gone. With his laughter and his pain as a child. So young. Unacceptable. A huge artist.".


Famous artistPhilippe Berry

Équilibre d'Élephants2011

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