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Nathalie Decoster

Famous artistFamous artist
Born in 1965


Born in 1965 in the north of France, Nathalie Decoster trained in the 1980s at the public studio in Neuilly, but also in the sculpture workshops of the Arts Décoratifs and the public studios of the city of Paris. In 1988, a Spanish classical sculptor taught her his techniques.

In 1992, the artist set up a barn in the countryside to become her workshop. It is in this place that she made an astonishing discovery, indeed, she piled up barrel circles there, and one day she decided to make her own characters evolve in circles that represent the passing of time. The artist declined this concept in series and this type of sculpture became her emblem. 

Nathalie Decoster tackles different themes in her creations: man's relationship with time, different ways of sharing thought, comparisons between human life and nature, intimacy...


Famous artistNathalie Decoster

Hommage à César2011
2 200 €

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