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José-Maria David

Born in 1944


José-Maria David was born on August 21, 1944 in Conquereuil near Nantes, France. He grew up in contact with nature. Passionate about art, he made it his profession and even became an antique dealer. During several years, he travels the world and discovers landscapes and animals which will inspire him in the realization of his sculptures. In the mid-1980s, he decided to devote himself fully to sculpture.

José-Maria David sought to give life to the animals he sculpted with hyperrealistic features. He is known for his moving animal bronzes such as the cheetah, tiger, lion, lioness, rabbit, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, wolf, elephant, vulture and a multitude of other exceptional animals. He worked until his death in 2015.

This artist is considered one of the greatest animal sculptors of his time and the master of the new animal school.


José-Maria David

Tigre chassantEnd of the 20th century
17 000 €

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