In this article, we explain the role of an Art Advisor from top to bottom.

Why is it relevant to call upon his services and what are the benefits that he will bring you?

Art Shortlist
by Ludwig Otte - January 5, 2021

Advice for your desires in terms of art acquisition

Its mission is to help you make the best decisions regarding your purchases so that you become a buyer in a specific market. 

Superior knowledge and expertise of the art market

To advise you in the field of art, the advisor is an expert who has the experience and the necessary knowledge of art. Ideally, he or she should have held multiple positions in the art industry in the past. This implies having gained experience in art galleries, auction houses, museums, artist residencies and art institutions.

Knowing you

It is essential to understand your desire and your deepest expectations in terms of art. They will therefore start by asking you not only about your tastes, but also to try to guess what is your vision of art, the importance in your life, what you expect from it: a simple investment? A pleasure or even a need? What is your true relationship to art and why you want to acquire it. All this to really understand who are they dealing with and finally satisfy you fully.

Acquisition of an artwork

With his experience and informations about your real desire to acquire a painting, the Art Advisor will get to work: using his knowledge, reaching out the market to find what will fully satisfy you. Of course, he knows the market prices and will also advise you at that time on the financial aspect: is this painter promising a future success (allowing you to eventually make a good financial transaction) or is it simply a safe and stable value? Or it a risky bet? Nonetheless they always keep in mind your pleasure and your joy to acquire a beautiful work that will give you happiness. 

Advice on the installation of the artwork

A follow-up from beginning to end: artistic advice is not only limited to that. It is much more than that. It is an accompaniment until the piece of art of your choice has arrived at your home. Once the transaction has been established, the Art Advisor takes responsibility for the smooth organization of the transport of the artwork as well as the framing (if it is a painting). He also guarantees the installation of the artwork at the client's place. He will know how to display it by installing it in the right place, with adequate lighting.

Taking charge over time

Entrust him with your acquisition objectives and/or the list of artists you are interested in. Afterwards, he will inform you about the gallery that represents them, which works of art are available for sale, the exhibitions that the artist is going to organize and inform you about the artist's quotation as well as the auctions. 

He thinks about you, he takes care of you

The Art Advisor keeps you informed of the news that might interest you. Indeed, he is at the same time in contact with individuals, artists and art galleries. It is as such that relays the information to both of them. This communication is a very important aspect of his role. It allows him to carry out quality research for his client. To do so, he will continue to ask you about your expectations: are you buying for a heritage collection? How many pieces are you looking to acquire? What is your global budget? Are you interested in a particular period of art?

Above all: the love of art

the last point, perhaps the most important of all is that the Art Advisor has ONE obsession: to share his passion with you and help you share it: to highlight emerging artists whose work deserves to be better known, always exchanging in the benevolence and in the interest of his fellow man.

Art is a way of life that touches our sensitivity in an intimate way. We are all, in front of any work of art, also in front of ourselves. We are passionate about what we do and it is with great joy, happiness and satisfaction that we will help you to answer your requests.

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