Instagram is a popular social network for art lovers because it is visual and interactive. It allows major cultural institutions to stay in touch with art enthusiasts spread across the world. So let's see which museums have the most followers on Instagram in 2021.

Art Shortlist
by Art Shortlist - April 26, 2021

1 - The MoMA (5.4 million)

Recently accused by some people of having acquired fake followers, which remains to be proven, the Museum of Modern Art in New York now has 5.4 million followers. This museum, inaugurated in 1929, is ahead of its competitors.

2 - The Louvre Museum (4.5 million)

The most famous French museum is second in this ranking. Even though the Louvre is behind MoMA, it can take comfort in the fact that it is the most "instagrammed" museum with the hashtag #louvre which has been used more than 3.3 million times to date.

3 - The Tate Modern (3.9 million)

In third place is the Tate in London. This modern art museum that opened in 2000 should not take long to pass the 4 million followers on Instagram.

4 - The MET (3.8 million)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, which holds more than 2 million works of art from around the world, is 4th behind the Tate.

5 - The Guggenheim Museum (2.6 million)

American museums are definitely omnipresent in this top 5! In 5th place, we find the Guggenheim Museum of New York with 2.6 million followers on the famous social network owned by Facebook.