We often hear that we need to protect our skin from the sun's rays, that's right, but we never say enough about protecting our paintings, drawings and prints. In this article, we explain why the sun is one of the worst enemies for your paintings and we offer some concrete solutions to keep them safe.

Art Shortlist
by Thibault de Watrigant - May 29, 2021

The effects of the sun on a painting

Paintings on canvas are very sensitive to temperature and humidity variations. The sun can also have devastating effects on the paint layer, it can cause cracks, or worse, fall of materials difficult to repair afterwards.

The effects of the sun on a work on paper

For paper too, the sun is very harmful, it can cause the sheet to turn yellow, sometimes irreversibly. Fortunately, there are treatments, but in some extreme cases, they will have little effect.

Some tips to avoid sunburn

Above all, it is essential to choose the right hanging areas to avoid the sun coming directly in contact with your work, even if only for a minute a day.

If you have unframed works on paper, then you can use drawing boxes or even better drawing furniture usually used by architects. The latter allow you to keep your works on paper in drawers that are flat and in total shadow, which is ideal.