On the occasion of the Forever is Now exhibition, the street-artist JR unveiled an impressive installation on the site of the pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

After the Louvre and its pyramid, the French artist designed a trompe-l'œil to pay tribute to the second highest pyramid in Egypt.

Art Shortlist
by Art Shortlist - October 27, 2021

A trompe-l'œil that JR has named "Greetings from Giza"

JR unveiled his latest installation on his Instagram account. This time, JR made a trompe-l'œil at the foot of the pyramid of Khafre, built under the Fourth Dynasty of the Old Egyptian Empire, it is the second highest Egyptian pyramid (143.87 meters).

Greetings from Giza consists of a large steel panel, it shows an arm coming out of the sand and holding a postcard representing a piece of the pyramid.

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An installation to be seen until November 7

This work in black and white plays on the optical illusion because if you stand at a specific place, you have the impression to see the top of the pyramid floating in the air.

An installation of JR to discover until November 7.