Doing sports? Eat healthy? Stay well hydrated? Living in the countryside? All of these tips make sense for building up an iron constitution, but have you ever thought about art? Indeed, you will discover that it can be extremely beneficial for your lifestyle. So let's take a look at the positive effects of art on health.

Art Shortlist
by Thibault de Watrigant - January 8, 2021

Art makes you do sport

In most cases, seeing beautiful works of art is something you deserve! We are not all lucky enough to have a splendid painting signed by Claude Monet hanging on one of the walls of our room. So to see beautiful artworks, we will have to travel to visit exhibitions or museums.

Did you know that a half day at the MoMA consumes as many calories as a good workout? So art is an effective way to keep your figure in shape while you're cultivating yourself.

Art is good for your mental health

To open up to art is to open up to the past, to awaken your senses. It allows you to stay in tune with yourself and the past. Because understanding where we come from in order to approach the present and the future is essential, moreover, art will give you many answers to sometimes existential questions.

For example, take a walk in the Battle Gallery at the Château de Versailles to admire the paintings that retrace the greatest battles in French history from Clovis to Napoleon. Admiring art can therefore allow you to travel in the history and think about the present more serenely, it is a wonderful tool to boost your self-confidence.

Art is used by medicine for treatments

In Canada, some doctors prescribe that patients go to the museum. These visits to the museum would have impressive benefits for patients with diseases such as Alzheimer's disease.

There is also art therapy, which is the simple use of the creative process for therapeutic purposes. This practice is becoming more and more common in medicine, especially for people who have difficulty expressing how they feel.

Art makes your brain work

It is scientifically proven that art has a significant impact on areas of the brain related to pleasure, joy and empathy. Art actually responds to a complex reward system. In front of a beautiful canvas, we unconsciously try to project ourselves in the place of one of the actors in the painting. 

In addition to the elements mentioned above, according to some studies, art is a powerful anti-stress. So why not live surrounded by beautiful works of art?