In this article, we explain how the delivery of a work purchased on Art Shortlist is done. You will see that our system is transparent and aims to fully satisfy you. With the solutions we have put in place, it becomes easier (and less risky) to buy art online than on the street corner.

Art Shortlist
by Thibault de Watrigant - February 8, 2021


Our delivery system is simple. You wish to buy a work on the platform and have it delivered to your home? No problem, only solutions. Just let us know your expectations: the deadline to be respected, the address to be delivered, with or without installation at home by a professional...

Our team is at your entire disposal to provide you with several quotes according to your needs, and then it's up to you to tell us the solution that suits you best.

In order to find the best possible quotes, we use both comparators to provide you with the best prices according to the route to be taken and we also interview the service providers with whom we regularly collaborate. Thus, we obtain a large number of quotes quickly and we find the best solutions to satisfy you.


Each delivery is therefore treated with seriousness to obtain the best rate with an optimal level of security. A competitive carrier for France, will not necessarily be competitive for a trip from France to the United States for example.

It is therefore our role to give you the benefit of our experience in the field to direct you to the most competent and competitive players according to the desired service.

Transparency is at the center of our concerns since you pay the delivery directly to the chosen service provider, there are no hidden costs for you, there again, you pay the right price. Generally, payment is made by bank transfer or credit card.

A follow-up from A to Z

From the departure to the arrival of the work, you are informed of the progress of your acquisition, and this, in a precise and detailed way.

On Art Shortlist, we have designed a user space that allows you to follow the progress of your purchase step by step.

Your Art Shortlist user space

In addition to this digital space, our team informs you by phone and email as soon as the delivery process is evolving.

Our delivery assistance service is therefore only tailor-made, this is our trademark.

To benefit from a delivery service, obtain a quote or ask us questions about the delivery of a work for sale on the platform: do not hesitate to contact us via chat, email or directly by phone. Our team will be happy to answer you.